My new book explores a century of the Royal Institution’s Christmas Lectures about the natural world.


I chat argonauts, deep coral reefs and Jacques Cousteau’s films with Robin Ince and Brian Cox. Listen again online or download the pocast.


Have we already passed ‘peak fish’? I take a close look at the world’s fisheries for BBC Focus magazine.


October 5th 7pm PDT I’ll be speaking about seahorses at the Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach, California.

Off the Shelf Festival of Words2

On Oct 18th I’ll be at the Off the Shelf literary festival in Sheffield, talking about my latest book Spirals in Time.

Limpet teeth University of Portsmouth

Move over spider silk, there’s a new tough material in town: limpet teeth. For Chemistry World, I give the low down on goethite, the stuff that makes limpet teeth the strongest known biological material.


April 21st I’ll be joining an amazing line up for Science Showoff, curated by Neil Denney from Little Atoms podcast, all in aid of Resonance FM.


May 18th I’ll be at the Boathouse pub in Cambridge for a foody night of Pint of Science. I’ll be talking about my visit to the mangrove forests of West Africa where I met an amazing group of women who gather oysters and joined in with their celebrations at the world’s noisiest and most colourful oyster festival.

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