Ocean escapism for the new year

January in Cambridge might not seem like the most obvious time and place to think about the wonders of exotic ocean life but what better way to fend off the winter blues and start the new year than a bit of ocean escapism?

So why not join me for a weekend lecture series at Cambridge University’s Institute of Continuing Education. For three days I’ll be exploring the world’s oceans and coasts, examining the challenges they face and the steps we can take to conserve marine life. We’ll take a look at the immense diversity of ocean life, browse the history of humans exploring the seas, discuss why the oceans matter, and consider the looming threat of climate change. And I’ll be asking (and answering) “Are there really plenty more fish in the sea?”

As well as scheduled talks there will be plenty of class discussions and chance to bombard me with questions – I’m all yours for three days. A major aim of the course will be to look at the science behind news headlines and open debate about the state of the oceans, the impacts of humans activities, and the options we all have to make a difference for marine conservation.

Check out the course schedule and supporting course material online.

The course runs from Friday 25 to Sunday 27 January 2013. Everyone is welcome – no science background necessary. Places are still available – book online.

Bursaries are available.

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