Sea Changers

I’m science advisor to Sea-Changers, a fantastic new charity that funds marine conservation projects (mainly in UK waters) via opt-out donations from all sorts of sea users – scuba divers, sailors, surfers – when they buy kit, book a holiday etc. They also take donations from people selling things on eBay.

Sea-Changers is very new. In autumn 2012 we went through our first round of grants. It was a pleasure to help the Sea-Changers team decide which projects to support. Their remite is simple – successful applications receive support for projects aimed at creating a world where;

  • Seas and shore are healthy and clean,
  • Marine species are protected and abundant, and
  • People have a clear understanding of their impact on the marine environment and are actively encouraged to minimise this.

If you have an idea for a marine conservation project, or you’re already involved in something that needs funds for a specific event or research project, then do consider applying for a grant from Sea-Changers.

Read more about the application guidelines and how to apply.