Columbia University expedition to Fiji

I’m thrilled to announce that in June 2013 I will be joining Dr Joshua Drew from Columbia University on a research expedition to Fiji. We will be focusing on coral reef fish biodiversity and locally managed marine protected areas. I will be in charge of documenting the expedition (including video, audio, written articles, and still photography) and also contributing to the science and taking part in research dives.

I’ll be posting a lot more about Fiji and our research plans in the run up to the expedition including opening up my dive log books from when I last went to Fiji, more than a decade ago.

I first got to know Dr Drew when we worked together on a feature for the Naked Scientists about a fantastic outreach project he set up with teenagers in Chicago and Fiji. He used social media to forge links between students on opposite sides of the world and get them learning from each other. 

Find out more about that project in the special edition of the Naked Scientists.

Photo: Pennant bannerfish by Richard Ling

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