Saving Planet Ocean. Online course at Cambridge University

In January 2016 I’m teaching Saving Planet Ocean, a 7-week online course for Cambridge University about marine conservation.

Oceans cover seven-tenths of the planet.

They contain extraordinary wildlife, are vital for human health, food and livelihoods, but they are suffering from many manmade problems; overfising, pollution and climate change have all taken their toll.

However, it is not too late to do something about these issues.

In this 7-week course, we’ll examine the driving forces that are making the seas endangered and explore marine conservation solutions, including actions you can take to help bring back healthy oceans.

This course is open to anyone. You don’t need to be a scientist. All you need is an interest in the world and a desire to learn about the oceans and ways of protecting them. Find out more about the course content and check out this ‘taster’ introduction which will give you an idea what to expect.

Photo by Nick Hobgood.

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