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I’m very pleased to announce my follow up to SPIRALS IN TIME. In another book for Bloomsbury, I will turn my attention to the wonders of fishes.

EYE of the SHOAL, The fish spotters’ guide to life, the oceans and everything, will paint a vivid picture of these clever, emotional, singing, thoughtful animals that rule beneath the waves and – I hope – spark a new craze for fish watching.

Woven throughout will be stories of how fishes have splashed into our world and not simply as food. I will show that our relationship with these scaly creatures goes much deeper than predator versus prey, and find out how they leave their mark on the human world in many ways. While there are plenty of fish-admirers already, I also plan to convince everyone else to give them a second look, by unhitching fishes from their reputation as cold-hearted, unknowable beasts and reinventing them as superb wildlife.

I’ll be researching and writing about fishes for the next year or so, partly while I embark on a long journey above and beneath the waves.

The book isn’t out for a little while, so if you’d like to keep in touch and get the latest updates on my fishy adventures, do sign up to my brand new newsletter.






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