In a follow up, of sorts, to my book about seashells and molluscs Spirals in Time comes my next exploration of the underwater world as I turn my attention to the wonders of fish.

EYE of the SHOAL, The fishwatcher’s guide to life, the ocean and everything, unhitches fish from their reputation as slimy, simple-minded creatures and reveals their mesmerising and complex lives. I hope to convince as many readers as possible to become fishwatchers, whether you put on a pair of wellies and visit a beach at low tide, peer into ponds and rivers, or jump right in.

The Economist called the book ‘An engaging and informative bouillabaisse.’

Publishers Weekly said ‘Popular science books don’t get much better than this’.

You can listen back to my chat about the book with the BBC’s Andrew Marr on Start the Week.

The book features the work of the brilliant artist Aaron John Gregory (who also did the artwork for Spirals in Time).

You can order a copy via the Bloomsbury website.

The science of Eye of the Shoal

If you’d like to follow up on an of the scientific papers I write about in the book, I’ve put links to the Open Access online papers here.





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