11 Explorations into Life on Earth

My new book 11 Explorations into Life on Earth is released on 2 November.

Each chapter features one of the Royal Institution’s Christmas Lectures, past and present, that explores the wonders of the living world.

I’m thrilled that David Attenborough kindly wrote a foreword for the book, reflecting on his experiences of delivering his series of lectures on the languages of animals, in 1973.

There are other well-known names in the book including Richard Dawkins and Desmond Morris, and others who in their time made their mark on science and conservation, including Julian Huxley (who among other things co-founded the World Wildlife Fund) and Peter Chalmers Mitchell (who built the open air enclosures at London Zoo and founded Whipsnade Zoo).

The book spans a century of lectures and reveals how our understanding of the natural world has advanced, but also how ideas of the importance of nature and the need to protect and conserve the planet have been around for a long time.

I’ll be launching the book on 10 November, at the Royal Institution in their famous lecture theatre. Joining me will be this year’s Christmas Lecturer Professor Sophie Scott, as well as former lecturer and Antarctic marine biologist Professor Lloyd Peck.

There’s more information about the launch and links to buy tickets here.

I’ll also be talking about 11 Explorations at Stanfords book shop in Covent Garden on Nov 9. Details of that are here.




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