100 days. 100 fish

In the lead up to my fourth book, Eye of the Shoal, being published in the UK on May 3rd, I’m doing a fish count down. For 100 days, I am posting a fish photograph a day, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, from the many hundreds I snapped while researching the book.

100 days. 100 fish.

All the pictures I took with a simple, compact waterproof camera (Olympus TG-4). I shot them in 15 metres or shallower (the depth limit of the camera without a housing) using only natural light. Often I was holding my breath.

It’s my first waterproof camera and my first time taking pictures underwater. I’ve had no training and I doubt any of these will win awards. But that wasn’t the idea. I had lots of fun and it gave me a whole new way of watching fish and appreciating them. I hope you like them too.





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