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Limpet teeth University of Portsmouth

Move over spider silk, there’s a new tough material in town: limpet teeth. For Chemistry World, I give the low down on goethite, the stuff that makes limpet teeth the strongest known biological material.

seachangers logo

I’m science advisor to Sea-Changers, a fantastic new charity that funds marine conservation projects (mainly in UK waters). If you have an idea for a conservation project that could benefit from a small grant do get in touch with Sea-Changers…

A narrated slide show I made with photographer Ria Mishaal at the Biodiversity Technologies symposium held by the Biodiversity Institute at Oxford University in September 2012. .


Ocean escapism for the new year

January in Cambridge might not seem like the most obvious time and place to think about the wonders of exotic ocean life but what better way to fend off the winter blues and start the new year than a bit of ocean escapism? So why not join me for a weekend lecture series at Cambridge …

Academic publications

Scales, H. (2010). Advances in the ecology, biogeography and conservation of seahorses (genus Hippocampus). Progress in Physical Geography. 34(4): 443-458.

Scales, H. (2010). Co-author of IUCN/TRAFFIC Analyses of the Proposals to Amend the CITES Appendices…

lionfish cropped sm

Finding fish in the wrong places

I just got back from a trip to America and a quick jaunt to Abaco Island in the Bahamas to visit John Bruno and his team at work in the field. One of their projects is looking at the lionfish invasion in the Caribbean, something I’ve heard and read and talked a lot about. But …

genie and shark

Happy Birthday Genie!

Today is Eugenie Clark’s 90th birthday. To celebrate here is my blog post from last year, after I had the immense pleasure of meeting Genie at Mote Marine Labs in Florida… They say never meet your heroes. But I did. I sat in a diner and ate junk food with her and it was perfect. …

blue planet NASA

New Year what-next pondering

A few days before the end of 2011, the BBC broadcast my last appearance on Home Planet. After nearly 6 years of taking part I’m undeniably sad to see the series come to an end. But on that last show, rather than dwelling on things coming to an end I was granted the chance to …