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  • Elementum journal: shape

    My first story for the beautiful Elementum

  • Curious Arts Festival 2017

    22-23rd July 2017 I’ll be appearing at the Curious Arts Festival

  • So long and thanks for all the fish

    Have we already passed ‘peak fish’? I take a close look at the world’s fisheries for BBC Focus magazine.

  • Exploring the deep in BBC Focus

    Join me as I explore earth’s final frontier – the deep sea – for the cover story in the Christmas edition of BBC Focus magazine.

  • The Turnip Truck(s): animals

    In my essay published in The Turnip Truck(s) journal I find an unexpected sea creature and try to hold onto it for a while.

  • On shells and trees in the Bay of Assasins

    Last year I explored remote mangrove forests of Madagascar where I encountered a strange new threat to these green fringes of the sea. I report for Hakai magazine.

  • Why mud matters

    For Hakai magazine, I explore the importance of mud for mangroves

  • Sole Food

    Will Gambian sole be eco-labelled?

  • Where’s the catch?

    In my article for Hakai magazine, I explore how small-scale fisheries in West Africa might not be so small after all

  • Roger Deakin Award

    I’ve been awarded a Roger Deakin award from the Authors’ Foundation for the book I’m writing about seashells. It’s a huge honour.

  • Drilling for oil, deafening whales

    For National Geographic News I examine how searching for oil in the Atlantic will put marine mammals at risk.

  • A passion for science

    October 15th is Ada Lovelace Day Live. Check out this great new book packed with inspiring stories of women in science, engineering, technology & maths. Including my piece about my marine biology hero, Eugenie Clark.

  • Book collaboration with underwater sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor

    I’m writing about the the plight of the oceans and the science behind artificial reefs for Jason deCaires Taylor’s upcoming book that will feature his beautiful and thought-provoking underwater sculptures.

  • Sharks use light sabers

    In my latest story for National Geographic News I report for a second time on glowing deep sea sharks – this time about how they warn off predators using light sabers…

  • Strange fossils

    In my latest story for National Geographic News I introduce the world to the first found fossil of a pygmy pipehorse. These wierd-looking animals are close relatives of seahorses and look something like a cross between a seahorse and a pipefish

  • Seamonster blog

    Along with my colleagues John Bruno and Emmett Duffy, I’m a contributor at the Seamonster Blog. It’s a blog about the oceans. We cover news in ocean sciences and the environment, oceans sports,…

  • Glow in the dark sharks

    In National Geographic News I report on sharks that glow in the dark.

  • Seamonster

    Check out my latest post over at the Seamonster blog

  • The Underwater Museum

    I worked with underwater sculptor Jason de Caires Taylor on his upcoming book The Underwater Museum featuring stunning images of his work. My introductory essay explores the complexity and vulnerability of coral…

  • The whale who learned to talk

    This week I wrote a piece for National Geographic News about a beluga whale who is sadly no-longer with us. Five years after he passed away, NOC the whale has hit the headlines with…

  • Are the oceans dying?

    I reviewed Callum Roberts’ latest book Ocean of Life (How our seas are changing) for the Globe and Mail. Callum’s book gives an excellent and immensely readable account of the problematic relationship…

  • Notes on the north Norfolk coast

    This time yesterday I was standing on a gigantic sandy beach. The sun was shining down from a cloudless sky, miniature waves breaking around the legs of exotic-looking seabirds that probed the…

  • Cod end

    I was recently asked by The Browser to pick my top 5 books about the ocean. Mulling over my choice I returned to a modern classic and re-read that pioneer of single-topic,…

  • Beautiful Baobabs

    For six months I lived and worked in Madagascar, on its wild western coast, and every day I encountered some of the most spectacular trees in the world. There are 8 species…

  • Giant shark secret uncovered

    In my latest news story for National Geographic News, scientists unpick a decade-old mystery and track down the winter hideout of basking sharks.

  • Sea turtles and glow sticks don’t mix

    You know those luminous plastic sticks that light up Haloween, bonfire night (here in the UK), and that Scuba divers use while diving at night? Turns out they are bad news for…

  • Of sharks and shellfish

    My latest article at National Geographic News features a study just out that reveals how shark declines in the North Atlantic are triggering a wave of disruption through the marine food web…