Whenever I get the chance I love to get up on stage and speak on a variety of ocean and science topics for audiences ranging from children to academics, to childish academics. Do get in touch if you have an event you’d like me to speak at. I’m also a tutor at Cambridge University’s Madingley Hall where I teach courses in marine conservation, marine biology and science writing.


February 6 Why Oceans Matter University of South Florida, St Petersburg

March 14 Spirals in Time and Wondrous forms of life with Tim Pond The Exchange, Twickenham

March 17 Exploring the secret lives of octopuses Cambridge Science Festival



March 17 Something Fishy Cambridge Science Festival

March 17 An evening of unnecessary detail

April 25 Fame lab final UK (judging, not appearing!) Science Museum, London

May 10 Eye of the Shoal Edinburgh Lighthouse Bookshop

May 11 Eye of the Shoal Royal Institution, London

May 23 Eye of the Shoal, The Space, Sevenoaks

June 4 The secret lives of fish CSAR, Churchill College, Cambridge

June 5 The Secret Lives of Octopuses Cheltenham Science Festival

June 16 Eye of the Shoal (talk at 12noon followed by river walk) Niddfest

July 1 Eye of the Shoal Wealden Literary Festival

August 2 Eye of the Shoal Cley Calling

August 4 Eye of the Shoal Wilderness Festival

October 14 War on Plastic, Battle of Ideas

October 19 Eye of the Shoal, Norwich Science Festival

California summer 2018:

June 20 Eye of the Shoal Book Passage, Sausalito

June 21 Point Blue, Petaluma

June 25 Eye of the Shoal Wonderfest, Redwood City

June 27 Eye of the Shoal MBARI