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Helen Scales writing by Ria Mishaal

Welcome to my new-look site

Welcome to my new-look website. I’ve decided to merge my old website and blog into a single, one-stop-shop. This will now be the place to find out about me and my work and also catch my latest blog posts. I will be posting regularly about the things I’m up to, my thoughts on ocean science …

helen coming up for air

My new favourite thing

I recently paid my first visit to the Red Sea and discovered my new favourite thing: freediving. The idea of learning to freedive first came to me years ago when I was floating on my back in a saltwater swimming pool by a beach in Madagascar, gazing at the sky and imagining what it would …

fish cake

How to make a podcast

Can it really be a year since I started making podcasts about the sea? 12 months have flown by in a blur of chatting with amazing ocean experts, getting to grips with microphones, recorders, editing software, and websites, and having a lot of fun talking oceans alongside the lovely Sarah Castor-Perry. We’ve just put the …


Introducing Naked Oceans

For several years now I’ve been regular co-presenter on the Naked Scientists – a fun, live science show broadcast from Cambridge University. And if any of you have ever listened in, you’ll know that I tend to talk about the oceans, a lot. Well, now I’m getting the chance to talk about nothing else, in …

seahorse with cuttlefish eggs

Seahorses with dangerous underwear

Seahorses are masters of disguise. They really are. They can grow a coat of weedy sprouts and change their skin colour to seemlessly match their surroundings. No wonder a cuttlefish recently mistook a seahorse for a blade of seagrass and covered it in eggs, as seen in this video on the BBC news website. The …

baobab misty

Beautiful Baobabs

For six months I lived and worked in Madagascar, on its wild western coast, and every day I encountered some of the most spectacular trees in the world. There are 8 species of baobab and 6 of them are found only in Madagascar. For most of my stay it was the dry season in the …

Green turtle by Mbz1

Sea turtles and glow sticks don't mix

You know those luminous plastic sticks that light up Haloween, bonfire night (here in the UK), and that Scuba divers use while diving at night? Turns out they are bad news for sea turtles. It’s the mesmerizing glow of these gadgets hanging on fishing long-lines that lures thousands of turtles to their death every year. …

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