Spirals in Time was picked as one of the top books of 2015 by the Guardian, the Times, Nature and The Economist.

In August 2015, it was BBC Radio 4’s Book of the Week.

In April 2015, I talked about seashells, molluscs and Spirals in Time on BBC Radio 4’s Start the Week. You can also hear my chat with Neil Denney about the book on the Little Atoms podcast.

Reviews of Spirals in Time:

‘Molluscs include just about everything with a shell, such as snails and mussels, and a few familiar things without, such as slugs and squid. Ms Scales finds the magic in each.’ The Economist

‘This is an ideal book for a summer holiday, and beach finds will take on a new dimension because of it’ Times Literary Supplement

‘This exploration of treasures from the sea offers a rewarding glimpse of another world’ Guardian

‘You can’t fake this kind of passion’ Wall Street Journal

‘gripping and unimaginable’ Daily Telegraph

‘Scales goes for the surprising and shocking, as she should’ Washington Post

‘riveting’ Seattle Times

‘enlightening and fun’ The Daily Beast

‘With the soul of a poet and a talent for finding the most intriguing trivia about familiar seaside sights, marine biologist Scales turns the mundane into the magical’ Discover Magazine

‘Taking her place in a long line of fans, she is a most able modern champion of molluscs.’ New Scientist

‘Carefully researched and entertaining throughout, Spirals in Time is never dull.’ Science

‘In this engaging study of molluscs, marine biologist Helen Scales covers a wealth of research on this vast phylum’ Nature

‘Helen Scales’s zeal for her subect is completely infectious’ BBC Focus

‘eclectic and impassioned’ BBC Wildlife Magazine

‘Scales demonstrates her encyclopedic knowledge… An enchanting, accessible tour of the seashell and its place and purpose within the natural world’ Kirkus reviews

‘brings a marine biologist’s eye and aficionado’s heart to these musings on seashells, the diversity of mollusks that inhabit them, and the human fascination with them, dancing across a variety of fields of study in her zeal’ Publishers weekly

‘Riveting’ South China Morning Post

‘should be on the bookshelf of every shell collector, as well as of anyone who has an interest in the natural world’ British Shell Club

‘a unique slant on ecological matters, from someone obviously knowledgeable and who obviously cares’ The Dispatch

‘In a charming bit of reportage, she introduces us to the oyster women of the Gambia, who fetch oysters from mangrove swamps in a sustainable initiative’ Spectator

‘Notable marine biologist Helen Scales explores the enormity of a mollusc’s impacts on human life and relays their fascinating stories’ Examiner

‘Nature writing at its most engaging’ Sunday Express