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pygmy ph fossil

Strange fossils

In my latest story for National Geographic News I introduce the world to the first found fossil of a pygmy pipehorse. These wierd-looking animals are close relatives of seahorses and look something like a cross between a seahorse and a pipefish

beluga mike johnston

The whale who learned to talk

This week I wrote a piece for National Geographic News about a beluga whale who is sadly no-longer with us. Five years after he passed away, NOC the whale has hit the headlines with a study just out describing how he learned to mimic a human voice. Have a listen to the sounds he made. Photo by Mike Johnston. …

Green turtle by Mbz1

Sea turtles and glow sticks don't mix

You know those luminous plastic sticks that light up Haloween, bonfire night (here in the UK), and that Scuba divers use while diving at night? Turns out they are bad news for sea turtles. It’s the mesmerizing glow of these gadgets hanging on fishing long-lines that lures thousands of turtles to their death every year. …