What the Wild Sea Can Be

The future of the world's ocean

Shells and what they hide inside

A book for very young readers

Scientists in the Wild

My new series of children's books

What a Shell Can Tell

The wonders of shells through the art of observation


My first foray into game design

The Brilliant Abyss

Come with me on a journey into the deep

The Great Barrier Reef

My first book for young readers

Catch Our Drift

A podcast for people who love the ocean

National Geographic Magazine

As ice melts, emperor penguins march toward extinction

Eye of the Shoal

A fishwater's guide to life the ocean and everything

Earth Unscrewed

A podcast about how to unscrew the planet

Drawing Fish

Elementum Journal


A Ladybird Book

Dynamite Napoleons

BBC Wildlife Magazine

Learning from Lemon Sharks

BBC Wildlife Magazine

11 Explorations into Life on Earth

A book about the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures

Save Our Snails

BBC World Service

Spirals in Time

The secret life and curious afterlife of seashells

Poseidon’s Steed

The story of seahorses from myth to reality