What the Wild Sea Can Be

The future of the world's ocean

Shells and what they hide inside

A book for very young readers

Scientists in the Wild

My new series of children's books

What a Shell Can Tell

The wonders of shells through the art of observation


My first foray into game design

The Brilliant Abyss

Come with me on a journey into the deep

The Great Barrier Reef

My first book for young readers

Catch Our Drift

A podcast for people who love the ocean

National Geographic Magazine

As ice melts, emperor penguins march toward extinction

Eye of the Shoal

A fishwater's guide to life the ocean and everything

Earth Unscrewed

A podcast about how to unscrew the planet

Drawing Fish

Elementum Journal


A Ladybird Book

Dynamite Napoleons

BBC Wildlife Magazine

Learning from Lemon Sharks

BBC Wildlife Magazine

11 Explorations into Life on Earth

A book about the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures

Save Our Snails

BBC World Service

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