Eye of the Shoal

A fishwater's guide to life the ocean and everything

‘An engaging and informative bouillabaisse’ The Economist

‘A sprawling, ambitious underwater journey studded with fascinating tidbits’ New York Times

‘Popular science books don’t get much better than this’ Publishers Weekly

‘Scales’ genuine appreciation and awe for fish are contagious’ Science

Eye of the Shoal unhitches fish from their reputation as slimy, simple-minded creatures and reveals their mesmerising and complex lives. I hope to convince as many readers as possible to become fishwatchers, whether you put on a pair of wellies and visit a beach at low tide, peer into ponds and rivers, or jump right in.

Eye of the Shoal was picked as a book of the year by New Scientist.

Listen back to my chat about the book with Andrew Marr on BBC Radio 4’s  Start the Week.

The book features original artwork by Aaron John Gregory.

Eye of the Shoal has been translated into Chinese, Japanese, German, Dutch and Polish.

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In the UK, all my books are available from my book shop at Bookshop.org. I am donating all proceeds from sales via Bookshop to the ocean conservation charity Sea Changers.

The science of Eye of the Shoal

If you’d like to follow up the scientific studies I write about in the book, I’ve put links to the Open Access online papers here.