Making Waves, BBC Radio 4

For BBC Radio 4, I explore the science of making waves and go in search of the perfect wave.

On England’s south coast, I meet surfers who battle against the wave-scarce odds to catch a ride and find out how plans to build an artificial surf reef didn’t work out.

And on the wave-ridden coast of northern Spain, I meet one-time big wave rider, Tony Butt, to find out how nature makes waves, and I pay a visit to Josema Odriozola and his team at the Wave Garden, to see how they have managed to conquer the waves a long way inland, far from the turbulent, unpredictable ocean.

I had the time of my life riding artificial waves at the prototype Wave Garden in Spain (the first commercial operation has recently opened to the public in Snowdonia, Wales) and ponder what role artificial waves will play in the surf scene.

Making Waves is available to listen on BBC Sounds.