Recording an episode of BBC Radio 4’s Museum of Curiosity was quite a different experience to my regular visits to the BBC at Portland Place in London.

Instead of the usual, low-key, daytime, small recording studio affairs, this time I passed a queue of people trailing out the front door and it took me a beat to realise that I could cut the line because all these folks had turned up to watch me (and 2 other far more famous and funny people). Eeep.

Through the swing doors and there was John Lloyd welcoming me with open arms and giggling about his gaff earlier that day when he’d sent my name spiralling into a brief trend on Twitter by tweeting to 160,000-odd qikipedia followers something along the lines of

seahorses are the only animals in the world where the males give birth via @helenscales

(What a difference punctuation can make).

You can imagine the response it stirred up as the twittersphere pondered just how such a feat might take place.

The show recording was a joy. 2 hours of chatting and laughing and by the end the Beeb producers seemed genuinely thrilled that they’d managed to put a marine biologist, a top advertising executive (Rory Sutherland), and a comedy writer (Graham Linehan) in the same room and for them all to get on like a house on fire.