A Ladybird Book

Why are octopuses so smart?

Will we all have pet octo-bots one day, helping around the house?

Why is the plural of these eight-armed animals most definitely octopuses and not octopodes?

I answer all these questions, and many more, in my Ladybird Book about octopuses, featuring new artwork that echoes the original look of the Ladybird series so many of us grew up reading.

The book explores the peculiar lives of octopuses, reveals how they came to be some of the smartest invertebrates on the planet and ponders what they can tell us about how intelligence evolved and the possibility of life evolving on other planets.

Octopuses is suitable for readers of all ages.

In the UK, all my books are available from my book shop at Bookshop.org. I am donating all proceeds from sales via Bookshop to the ocean conservation charity Sea Changers.