Poseidon’s Steed

The story of seahorses from myth to reality

‘How odd, how lovely’  The Economist.

‘Each chapter is a perfect blend of past and present, fact and whimsy’  Globe and Mail.

My first book is about a most peculiar and much-loved group of animals: the seahorses.

A biography of seahorses, if you like.

It’s a blend of popular science, history, mythology, literature, and archaeology that traces a journey above and beneath the waves in pursuit of these elusive sea creatures.

I wrote it because I wanted to dig into the strange fascination people have with these little animals – after all, seahorses are just fish.

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In the UK, all my books are available from my store at Bookshop.org. I am donating all proceeds from sales via Bookshop to the ocean conservation charity Sea Changers.