Return of the Wild

My next book for young readers is this gorgeous collaboration with the creative-duo, Good Wives and Warriors. I first found out about Louise and Becky’s work when they made the accompanying illustration for an article I wrote about sharks for the Guardian in 2020.

After that came out, I got in touch to thank them for their beautiful sharks, and we started discussing the possibilities of working together on a picturebook that would offer a hopeful view of nature.

Three years later here it is!

Return of the Wild tells 20 stories of species that not so long ago were on the brink of being lost forever, but whose fortunes turned around thanks to dedicated people who care for them, study them and fight for their survival. Among these survivors and stories of hope are Antarctic blue whales, orchids found growing at the top of London skyscrapers, snails that live in tropical trees and parrots that burrow underground.

Return of the Wild arrives in all good bookshops in the UK in October 2023.

There’s also going to be Return of the Wild colouring book, out in 2024!