Scientists in the Wild Antarctica

Book two in the series

Scientists in the Wild episode two will take our team of scientists to the remote icy enviornment of Antarctica.

In the follow-up to Scientists in the Wild Galápagos, the scientists are setting sail on a state of the art polar research vessel, the Noto, to study and explore the incredible wildlife and ocean around the South Pole.

To get the job done, they will use drones to track colonies of penguins, board deep-diving submersibles to monitor huge melting glaciers, and drill to investigate ancient ice cores.

By studying the changing climate and what rising temperatures mean for the future of our planet, the team will discover practical ways we can help look after Antarctica and its unique ecosystem.

This is a very special book for me because I co-wrote it with my sister, Dr Kate Hendry. She is an awesome ocean climate scientist who studies polar seas in both the Arctic and Antarctic. Kate and I grew up together exploring the coasts and seas of Cornwall and France on family holidays, and neither of us imagined we’d one day be writing a book together.

It was a lot of fun planning and writing the book with Kate. And like the Galápagos book, I’m thrilled to work with super-talented artist Rômolo D’Hipólito who has created another stunning book.

The book is aimed at readers aged 7 to 11, and I hope will be loved by everyone who sees it.

Scientists in the Wild Antarctica is released in March 2024.