Shells and what they hide inside

A book for very young readers

Shells and what they hide inside is my first book for very young readers. Aimed at 2-4 year olds, this is a companion to the global bestseller What a Shell Can Tell, with the same stunning illustrations by Sonia Pulido.

It’s a 16-page board book with more than 40 flaps to lift and discover, encouraging children to observe, engage with, and understand a range of shells and environments. From where shells are found and who lives in them, to what a shell’s look and feel can reveal about its inhabitant and environment.

The book expands on a child’s natural instinct for collecting things, nurturing their interest and curiosity in nature by giving them simple observation skills that will help them to explore the connections between objects found in nature and the wider ecosystem, as well as building their vocabulary.

Shells and what they hide inside is published in April 2024.

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In the UK, all my books are available from my store at I am donating all proceeds from sales via Bookshop to the ocean conservation charity Sea Changers.

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